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A Day Forward 6 - Being Attractive

Universe got created most naturally... it has the hills, the mountains, the beaches, the water bodies, the deserts, the forests... all of which is attractive in its unique way... no matter what form nature takes, it's always attractive. More...


9th November, Saturday
10 am to 9 pm,

Register: Artee | 9205152576


A Space Forward
First Floor, 5, Golf Course Road,
Sector 28, Gurgaon

Vipin Suree & Rittu Shree
Life Coaches, Business Coaches and Mentors,
Training You to be Effective at A Day Forward

Designed for anyone and everyone, the day-long session gives you
access to your own undiscovered, natural abilities.
The training event offers you simple tools of self-discovery that could
transform your journey.
Whether in life, at your workplace, or in your relationships,
these proven tools will effectively change your performance and
productivity parameters forever…


Because you are self-driven and hungry to learn HOW to stay the course and fight until the end. Because you’re seeking the right tools to help you fight for all that you believe in. Because you’re looking for a soldier’s tried and tested gear for effective action. More...


The event is effective for all business owners, students, professionals, homemakers, and corporate executives – however, with a Soldier-Like Mindset! Definitely not if you are someone who needs spoon feeding! More...


Designed for people of action with a hungry mindset, the event offers simple tools to take effective action across multiple areas in one’s life. Whether in effectively benefitting relationships, businesses, health or wealth creation and most importantly Sales, A Day Forward offers proven More...



A dreamer, an achiever and an established businessman himself, Vipin Suree is the designer and founder of ‘A Day Forward’ and a business coach par excellence. Having learned the value of effectiveness early on in life, he had his first business transaction at the age of 15. He dropped out of college and became a Gym instructor with a passion for bodybuilding. A man made for more, he started his career at Impulse, the largest sellers of books in India as a merchandiser conducting sales on the field in 1994. And, in just 6 months, owned three sales offices across India, selling books and consumer durables. Born with a strong sense of pursuit, he continued to grow and was soon appointed as the Head of Internet Retail Business from September 2009 to 2011.

He also had a successful run in a printing and manufacturing business that ran over a decade. Vipin is currently running and investing his undying passion for ‘smart’ business at the Space Creattors, India’s leading real estate organisation offering services to corporates, NRIs and individuals in Gurgaon.
As an eminent business coach today, Vipin not only shares his innate sense of entrepreneurship but his 24 years of experience in the business world. He trained with a global training organization and soon grew to become Introduction Leader, Introduction Leaders Program Leader and Seminar Leader with a global training organization Coaching & Training people. He has had the privilege to lead various programs to over 10000 people over 7 years. He trains enthusiastic top-class professionals, entrepreneurs and executives to become highly effective in growing their businesses multifold using neuroscience.



Rittu Shree is an expert at bringing out the best in people, and leading them to give their best performances.

The leader in Rittu Shree has worked with lakhs of people over the last two and half decades to enhance their performances and increase their effectiveness across walks of life. Her excellent people skills and expertise in leading conversations have left most with new openings and new horizons to explore. Thousands have experienced being empowered after their interactions with
Rittu Shree.

In the process, she has trained herself in the various nuances of leadership. She has been successful in stepping into the world of a million others, enriching experiences with interactive and insightful tools. She inhabits a world of compassion and love, leading and guiding others along new paths that nobody else has walked down before.

Over the years, she has also led trainings, programmes and large seminars for national and global training organisations. She has trained huddle groups and coached individuals around the world as well.
Leadership, let us say, has always come naturally to Rittu Shree. Even when she had not been formally trained to lead others, she could always access the leader within herself.
Rittu Shree's latest venture is partnering Vipin Suree in creating conversations through #ADayForward. Leading conversations has always been her self-expression. At these sessions, along with Vipin Suree, she holds day-long conversations with people that leave them with new accesses and new openings for creating magic in their lives.


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Being Attractive

9th November

Saturday | 10 am - 9 pm

A Space Forward

First Floor, 5, Golf Course Road, Sector 28, Gurgaon View Map