Being Attractive

Why Join #ADayForward6? Being Attractive

Because you are hungry for self-discovery and need to be guided down the right path. Because you’re seeking the right tools within yourself to stay the course. Because you’re looking for your own natural abilities to help you take effective action – anytime, anywhere.

With us, you will get measurable results in sales – the blood line of any business – in client interaction, business pitch, leading and managing people. With effectiveness in these areas, you get to invest more time in generating ideas and bringing dormant projects back to life.

What Can I Expect?

Designed for people of action with a hungry mindset, the event offers simple tools to take effective action across multiple areas in one’s life. Whether in effectively benefitting businesses, health or wealth creation and most importantly, sales, #ADayForward6 offers proven tools that have delivered effective results for a huge number of people over many years.

You will receive guidance for developing an entrepreneurial mindset and exploring untrodden paths to success. The valuable takeaways will not only help you gauge barriers on your journey, but will also help you forecast the impact of every move you make. With the learnings, you can escalate the growth of your business relations, learn to manage finances better and implement ideas with conviction.

Who Can Do It?

The event is effective for all business owners, students, professionals, homemakers, corporate executives, in short – everybody!

If you are self-driven – then you’ll find the right direction for effective action at #ADayForward6.


9th November, Saturday | 10 am - 9 pm


A Space Forward
First Floor, 5, Golf Course Road, Sector 28, Gurgaon


Artee | 9205152576

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